Flu Vaccinations Now Available

By September 26, 2019News

Seasonal Flu Vaccination 2019/2020

We are pleased to announce that we are offering free flu vaccination (injections) to our Healthplan member patients this year. For all other patients the cost is £15.00. Children’s nasal flu vaccines will also be available in the coming weeks at increased cost.

See details below for information on the vaccines we are offering this season.

Patients over 65

Due to the lower effectiveness of standard influenza vaccinations in this age group, advances are being made to try and improve the immune response for the vaccination to provide much better protection.

This year we are offering Fluad. This has been specifically engineered to stimulate an enhanced immune response and evidence shows this vaccine provides significantly better overall effectiveness for this age group.

Fluad is a trivalent vaccine which includes the 3 most likely flu strains found in the northern hemisphere. Although this does not include one of the less common strains of influenza type B virus, this strain is not currently reported within this part the world and is also more likely to occur in children.

Patients under 65

We recommend all patients from the age of 6 months to consider being vaccinated. This particularly applies if you are pregnant or have a chronic disease, and for children.

Vaccination is an important consideration for us all by significantly reducing the risk of infection and side effects as well as the inconvenience of having time off from work or school. Also, the more of us who are vaccinated reduce the risk of flu being passed on to others.

We are offering quadrivalent vaccines again this year. These include the 4 recommended influenza strains for the current season. For children aged 2 to 17 years there will also be the option of nasal flu vaccines (cost awaited). We expect these to become available from mid-October.

Vaccination appointments

Did you know our bodies can take 2 to 3 weeks to achieve the intended protection offered by flu vaccines? Contact a member of our team to book your appointment today.



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