Flu reminder

By February 27, 2020News

Flu reminder

Reminder regarding Flu vaccinations for those who have not been vaccinated already this winter. Do please read this.

We apologise for this flu reminder to those patients who had already been vaccinated against flu this winter, but we wanted draw to your attention and to emphasise the importance that all children and adults, whether at particular risk or not, should be vaccinated against influenza in view of the possible arrival of widespread coronavirus Covid-19 in the UK.

Although the flu vaccination does not protect against coronavirus, it is recommended that as many in the population as possible receive the standard flu vaccination to make sure their immunity is as strong as it can be before possible infection with coronavirus. This applies to all adults and children of any age.

At present we have good supplies of the relevant vaccines.

Do please ring as soon as possible on 01722 415444 and book an appointment if you have not already been vaccinated – we would be pleased to see any registered or non-registered patients to give this important vaccination.


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