Flu vaccination

By November 1, 2021News

It’s time to book your flu vaccination

The flu season is now upon us and you will be aware of the importance of having a flu vaccination again this year.  We would like to remind all patients that whether at particular risk or not, all children and adults should be vaccinated against influenza.  All of our member patients are entitled to receive their flu vaccination from SIMP free of charge and we would encourage you to contact us early to make your booking.

The facts

Many people think flu is just a bad cold, but it isn’t. Flu can develop into more serious illnesses including bronchitis and pneumonia and can lead to hospitalisation or in extreme cases death.  The flu vaccine gives the best protection against flu and will stop you spreading flu to other people who may be more at risk.

Covid-19 booster?

The current guidelines state that it’s safe to have both the Covid-19 booster and flu vaccination at the same time.  We would however recommend that you do leave a gap of 7-10 days between them.

Patient safety

We continue to follow government recommendations on face mask wearing and social distancing.  Please attend wearing a mask and you will be asked to santitise your hands on arrival.

The details

We have plentiful supplies of all the Public Health England recommended flu vaccines for the 2021-22 season.  We are also stocking a small supply of nasal flu which are £29.99 per dose.

Please contact us as soon as possible on 01722 415444 to arrange your appointment and to ensure you benefit from the protection available this year.  We are also once again welcoming non-members to book in for their flu vaccination and the cost is £25.00.

Thank you for reading and we hope to see you soon!

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