Fluad Vaccine – Improved Flu Protection

By November 21, 2018News

Immune systems weaken with age which can result in a lower protective immune response to vaccinations compared to younger adults. Fluad is the first flu vaccine available in the UK specifically engineered to help improve protection in the over 65s.

Fluad is designed to promote a strong immune response against 3 common strains of the virus. This vaccine has been used since 1997 and is now licensed in 38 countries, including 15 in Europe.

Flu vaccinations offer protection against flu, however, vaccine effectiveness reduces significantly in the over 65s. This age group are particularly prone to seasonal flu related hospitalisations and deaths each year, so it is important to offer effective protection. Manufacturers continue to develop new vaccines to help tackle the issue for this vulnerable group.

We have a limited supply of Fluad vaccines in stock, available for patients aged over 65 years who have not yet had a flu vaccination this season. The current cost for practice members is £27.00 and for non-members is £29.99.

If you are interested and would like to book an appointment, please contact us.

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