Travel Health Service

By December 17, 2018News

Travel to exotic destinations is popular at this time of year. Remember to plan for the health protection needed for your trip and allow sufficient time to seek advice from health professionals. We recommend allowing at least 8 weeks before departure to attend a travel health consultation. It is also good practice to ensure any vaccines you may need will be available when you visit.

India and Thailand are typical examples for holidays and trips at the moment. The likely health risks to your health will depend on the areas you visit, how long you stay, your accommodation type and what you may encounter whilst away. Some vaccinations recommended for these countries include Japanese Encephalitis, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Rabies and Typhoid.

Consider the cost of vaccines when planning your visit as the total cost can be significant.  You require more than one vaccination for some courses, so need to return for further doses before travelling. Please note that most vaccines take up to 4 weeks to become effective, so don’t leave it too late to seek advice.

Our travel service is available to all. An initial travel health assessment costs £35 for non member patients. Travel health assessments are free to practice members.


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